Divorce Mediation for San Jose & The Silicon Valley

Get the Support You Need for Your Divorce or Legal Separation

If you are in the San Jose area and you are facing a divorce or legal separation, Divorce Helpline can help. For more than 25 years, our San Jose attorney mediators have helped people navigate the divorce process and gain control of their situation. We are lawyers who provide a wide array of divorce and legal separation services and packages that can help people save money, stress and time.


Attorney mediator and private judge, Bill Woodcock, heads our San Jose law office serving the Silicon Valley area. Bill is the vice-president of Divorce Helpline, and he brings extensive experience in family law litigation, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and arbitration to our Divorce Helpline clients. Bill is also a certified pro tem judge, and has argued before California Appellate Courts on international child custody disputes and Hague abduction cases. Bill and the San Jose legal team have helped hundreds of people successfully manage their divorce or legal separation and move forward with their lives.

Our divorce mediation and private judge services offer an alternative to paying divorce attorneys to fight it out in court, leaving your fate in the hands of a family law judge. Mediation is a process that helps you and your spouse negotiate your divorce and arrive at a settlement with the help of a neutral attorney. Our attorney mediators have helped clients who only had a few issues to settle, as well as those who were sharply divided, find solutions to their disagreements and move toward a final settlement.

Our private judge service lets you select your own private judge who can help you resolve undecided issues and deliver a legally-binding decision. Using a private judge gives you greater control over your divorce, and provides you with privacy not available through the court system. It can also be a way to expedite your divorce proceedings.

Divorce Helpline also offers a variety of all-in-one packages for a set price, which include a free initial evaluation and preparation and filing of all of your state-required divorce documents.

If you are going through a litigated divorce, we can also help. We provide coaching and consultation, document preparation and review, collaborative divorce services, child and spousal support calculations and other litigation support that can make the process easier on you and your children.

Give us a call today, and we’ll put you in touch with our San Jose legal team. If you are facing a divorce or legal separation and don’t know where to turn for help, contact Divorce Helpline today.