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The truth is it's hard to know where to start when faced with divorce or other family law issues. Have questions? Let us help. We can provide a road map for you.

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Why Use Divorce Help?

It’s simple and straightforward.

Divorce Help
  • Attorney Assisted Divorce by experienced family lawyers and legal support staff
  • Legal advice by attorney
  • Strategizing by attorney
  • Attorney drafted Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) to ensure enforceable and valid as possible
  • High quality, customized documents specific to your situation

Other Sources
  • Do-It-Yourself (i.e., DIY, Self Prepared, Non-Attorney Preparer)
  • No legal advice attorney
  • No strategy by attorney
  • Templated MSA, no attorney drafting, no attorney oversight, and may have unenforceable terms, which is too late
  • Cookie cutter forms/documents

Why Divorce Help is Different!

People don’t know what they don’t know. Doing your own divorce with just a bunch of court forms will have a high probability of mistakes being made that will be hard to undo. Don’t get caught in a strange or disorienting experience that is difficult to navigate. We’ve done thousands of divorces and know the ins-and-outs.

We have the knowledge and experience about preparing the proper court forms for your county and translating it into the language that the courts speak. Let us take the burden off you, so you have peace of mind.

Services offered: Divorce or Legal Separation Document Preparation, Prenuptial/ Postnuptial or Cohabitation agreements, Private Judge services and Confidential Settlements and more.

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“Hi Arianna, I'm at the end of the filing process for my divorce, and thanks to you and Allison and the rest of the team, it's been a very smooth and anxiety-free process. Not to mention a very affordable service that you offer. I just wanted to say Allison was great at putting me at ease, being understanding and efficient, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs family law help. Please pass this on to her and if you need any additional testimonials or reviews for future clients, I would be happy to add mine. Thanks for making the booking process smooth and easy as well!”
“A very valuable service during a difficult time. We were able to keep calm and reasonable because of the advice of everyone involved.”
We were on the “fast track” and boy was it fast. Worth every penny! Start to finish (Judgment) was about eight weeks! Everybody on your staff was delightful! RESTORED MY FAITH IN LAWYERS.
Despite the little glitches, we had a very good experience with Divorce Helpline and highly recommend their divorce mediation practice.”

Meet Your Experienced Attorney Mediators

Mary Pollock

Attorney Mediator - Partner

Mary Pollock’s work experience for more than 30 years has focused exclusively on Family Law. As a paralegal, mediator and now as an attorney, Mary has developed a genuine passion for acting as an advocate for people working through various adverse circumstances in their lives.

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Allison McCabe Hardin

Attorney Mediator - Partner

Allison has chosen to dedicate her practice exclusively to conflict resolution. With over 22 years as an Attorney-Mediator and 26 years in the family law arena, Allison is highly experienced mediator and collaborative law attorney specializing in QDROs, property division, and more.

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