Complex Divorce

A complex divorce may involve a high net value estate, business interests, child custody issues, complicated marital property, significant debts, among other things.

Complex cases are resolved far more quickly and far more inexpensively in mediation than in litigation. Forensic accounting, child custody evaluations, business evaluations, vocational evaluations – sometimes these tools are necessary for the settlement of your case. Divorce Helpline has had two decades of experience working with the top experts in California, at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Spouses with high net value estates have the most to gain from the mediation process, and the most to lose from courtroom litigation. Everyone has heard the horror stories of divorcing couples spending years in family court, only to lose a substantial portion of their assets to attorney’s fees and costs.

Divorce litigators want you to believe that your complex or high value estate divorce can only be fairly resolved by courtroom litigation. This is false.

There is nothing you can do in “litigation” that you cannot achieve during Divorce Mediation. A litigated divorce often comes down to two experienced litigators, on the eve of trial, who begin bargaining to avoid that trial. This begs the question, “Why spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring two attorneys and fighting in court before coming to the settlement table?

The Divorce Helpline method includes a variety of tools and settlement structures that can help even those clients who have lost all trust in each other to achieve a fair settlement of their case. Even in those rare cases where spouses have an issue that they cannot reach an agreement upon, Divorce Helpline’s attorneys can help you narrow your disputes, obtain court orders for those issues that are not in dispute, and vastly reduce the cost if, in fact, you do end up in court. Divorce Helpline also works with California’s most experienced Private Judges and Arbitrators to provide an alternative to a court trial for those few cases in which mediation has not been successful.

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