Divorce Legal Services Overview & Pricing

Divorce Mediation, Consultation, Document Preparation

In most divorces, even those that are complex and/or adversarial, both parties would rather not diminish their assets by paying exorbitant fees to attorneys. That is where Divorce Helpline can really make a difference. We don’t serve as advocates for one side against another–our mission is to make your divorce as uncomplicated and affordable as possible.

About 95% of our cases are able to reach agreement and settle without the need to go to trial. A Divorce Helpline attorney can help you calm down your situation, answer your legal questions, and work out a plan to move toward agreement so that your case can go smoothly and inexpensively. Our attorneys can assist each of you separately by consulting with you and answering your legal questions, or you and your spouse can work together with one of our attorney-mediators.

If you are already involved in a litigated divorce, we can still help. Our attorneys can offer coaching, strategy advice, document review or simply provide a second opinion to help you feel more comfortable and confident as your case makes its way through the court system.

We also provide a variety of services to clients who are choosing a DIY approach to their divorce, but need just a little support, advice or assistance to bring it to completion.

Our attorneys are also experienced in working with same-sex couples who wish to divorce or end a domestic partnership both inside and outside the state of California. We can help you work through issues of property, custody, debts and support, and prepare and file all of the necessary paperwork.

It’s easy to find out how Divorce Helpline can make your divorce easier—no matter what your situation or your needs may be. Give us a call and talk to one of our helpful staff. You are under no obligation, and we’re pretty sure you’ll learn something that will help you regardless of the route you ultimately choose to take.


Most of our services are flat-fee and all inclusive. This means that you will know up front the cost of your service and understand all the required steps that will be handled on your behalf. Some of our services are available on a by-the-minute or by-the-hour fee structure. In these instances, you will pay only for the time it takes to complete the required service, we don’t round up.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of cost-effective service so that your money stays with you and isn’t drained by exorbitant attorney fees or high priced expert costs.

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