Packages Overview & Pricing

All of Divorce Helpline’s divorce packages include a free initial attorney evaluation to help you decide which Divorce or Legal Separation package is appropriate for your specific situation. Call for an appointment today.

mary-louiseOur complete divorce packages provide a simplified option for managing and completing your divorce. They offer a bundle of services for a set price. Our packages go beyond the typical divorce kit that is nothing more than a set of forms that you can obtain for free from the court. We provide packages with and without mediation if that is needed in order to work through any complex issues or disagreements.

Our packages include preparation of all state-required court documents for your entire Divorce or Legal Separation for both spouses. These are high quality, customized documents specific to your situation – not cookie-cutter forms – designed to protect you and your valuable assets.

Each year, thousands of divorce or legal separation Judgments are filed which are unenforceable – and many of these have been prepared by document preparation services and some are even filed by inexperienced attorneys. Unfortunately, when a Judge signs your divorce Judgment, he or she is not saying that the terms of the agreement are enforceable or enough to protect your needs. Mind boggling, isn’t it? Rather, it only means that the court has determined that your documents meet the minimum required information to be accepted by the court.

For this reason, your divorce or legal separation Judgment should always be drafted by an experienced family law professional who is specifically preparing documents to protect your interests. At Divorce Helpline our experienced paralegals and attorneys will draft and file your legal documents while working hard to keep you out of court and protecting your best interests. All of this AND you will not need to go to court.


Our Packages are flat-fee and all inclusive. This means that you will know up front the cost of your service and understand all the required steps that will be handled on your behalf.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of cost-effective service so that your money stays with you and isn’t drained by exorbitant attorney fees or high priced expert costs.

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